About Us

Bottom line, we turn real estate into cash in your pocket.

How do we do it?

By acquiring deeply discounted real estate, then making the properties available to you (our VIP Buyers) at a fraction of their market value.

Where do these deals come from?

We are marketing machines, and source our deals from a variety of different areas.  We have long-standing relationships with a number of different conduits that know were are real investors, represent real investors, and assure them the we close fast with no headaches.

Why should you work with us?

Quite simply, because you won't find better deals than the ones we bring to you. In fact, you don't need to spend any more time finding deals at all! Consider us your "done-for-you" marketing team, saving you thousands of dollars per month.

We allow you to avoid the aspects of the real estate business that you hate, and simply focus on what you enjoy and do best.

We're also committed to upholding the highest standard of integrity in this business. Our goal is nothing less than a win-win-win for you, for the home seller, and for us.

What can you provide?

First and foremost -- CHEAP REAL ESTATE!  

Fix and Flip -- We have strategic relationships the best contractors and real estate agents in the business.  We can assist you with the scope of the rehab, and getting your house on the market and sold quickly for fast profits.

Buy and Hold -- We have tenants waiting in a line out-the-door and down the street.  We can quickly analyze the rental market in your area, provide an estimate of ROI, secure a great tenant for you, and handle all property management.  All you need to due is sit back and collect your check every month.  That's it. . .we can handle the rest.  

Sales. . . leasing. . .property management. . .contractors. . . anything you need, we've got it.

How do you get started?

Simply set up your preferences, tell us exactly what you want, and we'll deliver it straight to your inbox!